Trauma Counselling & Therapy in Leamington Spa

Trauma is a response to a specific event where you find yourself highly stressed. This may be a natural disaster, accident or being in a war zone. Trauma doesn’t only cause emotional symptoms, it can also cause physical symptoms.

Due to everyone being different, you may not experience trauma from a stressful event, but the next person may. Most people who do develop symptoms find that they disappear on their own after a few weeks, but then there are those that are living with long term effects who should seek out trauma therapy in UK.

Type of Trauma

As a qualified professional in trauma counselling, I see a number of trauma cases annually, these include acute cases, which result from a single event to chronic cases, which are often caused by prolonged and repeated exposure to stressful events. Complex trauma is when you are exposed to a number of traumatic events, while secondary trauma is when you develop trauma symptoms from someone else who experienced a traumatic event.

Let Me Help You

Looking for reliable and effective trauma therapy in Leamington Spa or online? Then look no further. Backed by more than twenty one years of experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor, I can help you manage your trauma symptoms to improve your daily life. Call me now to find out more.