Eating Disorder Counselling & Therapy in Leamington Spa

Eating disorders include a range of different disorders from anorexia nervosa to binge eating disorder and avoidant restrictive food intake disorder to rumination disorders and more. Treatment for these disorders isn’t only about medication and healthy eating, it’s also about your mental frame of mind. Psychosocial treatments are very effective in helping patients overcome a host of eating disorders.

Change Your Thinking & Behaviour

As a qualified and experienced eating disorder counsellor in Leamington Spa, I help patients identify what triggers their eating problem, I work with them in dealing with their disorder to improve their life. Cognitive behavioural therapy has proven effective in helping patients understand their thinking, their actions and relationships. It provides coping techniques which helps them manage their urges, helping them improve their lives.

Your Treatment is Tailored to You

Everyone is unique, which is why your eating disorder may not be caused or the same as the person sitting next to you, this is why your treatment is tailored specifically to you and you play a role in your success. It’s not easy to change your way to thinking and your behaviours, but with my eating disorders therapy in Leamington Spa or online you can take back control of your life.

If you think you could have a problem with food, then you should seek the help of an experienced eating disorders therapist right away. Get in touch with me today to see how I can help.