Autism Counselling & therapy in Leamington Spa

Psychology has played a large role in the understanding and treatment of autism. At Novissimo Counselling, I have more than seventeen years of experience as a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, working with adults and children with autism, offering effective autism therapy in Leamington Spa, UK.

Autism Therapy

Psychotherapy uses speaking as a way to manage autism. Cognitive behavioural therapy is often used for those with anxiety, addiction and stress, but it also proved useful for those with autism, helping them understand how actions and reactions are seen by those around them.

Using applied behavioural analysis, which uses rewards to reinforce preferred actions and answers is often used as a way to successfully treat those with autism. This form of autism counselling is no speaking. Therapeutic interventions help to improve the psychological functioning through behaviour, which can be done in one on one session both in person or online.

What I Can Do To Help

As a psychotherapist, I am involved in working with children and adults with autism. My autism counselling involves evaluation and ongoing assessment. I use a host of techniques to work with the patient helping them understand how their actions and reactions are perceived by those around them. I can help children learn how to engage with peers and manage their stress.

My host of experience and knowledge enables me to assist adults and children as an autism therapist helping with social anxiety, depression and more. With autism counselling, patients learn how to manage social interactions social cues and manage work and school relationships.

Call today and let us provide you with effective autism therapy online in Leamington Spa, UK today.