Attachment Counselling & Therapy in Leamington Spa

Attachments are forming emotional bonds and enjoyable relationships with others. This is especially true when it comes to close family members. Insecure attachment can start very early in life, leading to attachment issues, where the person may have problems forming relationships throughout their lives. Children displaying attachment issues may benefit from spending time with an attachment therapist.

Attachment is something that carried on throughout life. Most children will develop secure and healthy attachments to their mother or primary care giver from birth. Children who have secure attachments show strong attachment to their mothers, while those with insecure attachments present a host of unhealthy reactions, some being angry with the mother when she returns from work, for example.

Attachment Issues

Anxiety therapy has shown to be effective with various attachment issues. The bond is formed when a child is first form, often with the primary caregiver. Attachment problems usually result from being separated from parents at a very early age, maybe due to hospitalisation, trauma or neglect. All these things have an impact on how the child forms healthy attachments throughout their life. My attachment therapy in Leamington Spa is effective for children, including those that have been adopted or fostered at a later age. These issues often occur in children that are moved from one caregiver to another.

A child avoiding eye contact, avoiding physical contact, rejecting emotional connections, inconsolable crying and trying to self comfort themselves could be suffering from attachment issues and could benefit from anxiety counselling. Contact me now to find out how I can help.

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